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inked_freak's Journal

21 October 1970
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I am a veterinary assistant, and work crazy hours doing a job that often tears my heart out, but also makes me feel like I have made a difference and have found my niche in life.
I am a submissive, and am active with my Master in the local BD/SM communities in our area.
I love to read and write some, too.
I enjoy photography although I am lousy at it myself. I also enjoy other art genres, especially paintings and sculpture, although I am not too keen on very much abstract art. Sometimes I can appreciate the overall beauty, but mostly it is just lost on me.
One of my favorite activities is taking long drives in the country to nowhere in particular, just soaking up the scenery.
I also love parks of all sizes, but especially state parks.
I am crazy about state fairs and roller coasters.
Recently i have become very interested in bootblacking.